Our brand is deeply rooted in the belief that creative expression and unequivocal identity are the pillars of self-confidence. We design shoes with vibrant colors, textures and unexpected details sourced from inspirations across the globe to make your every day less mundane. 

Comfort. Fluidity, and Accessibility are what fuels us to create fashion forward footwear that empower you to be the best version of yourself from day to night.


Her coming-of-age story began when Betina moved to New York City from the Philippines at the age of 15. She studied at Parsons School of Design and immersed herself in internships at Vogue and the New York Times. In a bold yet predictable move, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to drop out of school to start her own business.Her first brand was the self-titled Betina. a luxury line of shirts made in collaboration with artisans from her motherland, the Philippines. 

After five fruitful years. she moved on to create something more dynamic: something that combined her eye for exceptional craftsmanship while creating a practical solution that provided comfort and style at the right price. Daily Schedule was launched in 2019 with the intent to reinvent timeless shoes for women. The brand's flair is deeply rooted from the designer's east-meets-west upbringing infused with her vibrant outlook on life. Each pair combines rich textures, luxurious materials, and signature details that are unique to her design philosophy