Throughout our 13 years of living in New York City, we always found that the best days are the ones without an agenda. Daily Schedule was created to go against the mundane of everyday life, starting feet first when we get dressed every morning. It has been quite the journey, reimagining trend driven shoes for women, designed with unexpected details and quirky elements that keep us excited for what’s next.

The very first silhouette we created was the velvet mule, made with an atypical rubber sole flexible enough for every woman on the go. We had the effortlessly cool New Yorker in mind, the way she jaywalks with ease, gliding to a destination unknown. No other city in this world makes us feel the need to be in two places at once. Daily Schedule is here because we believe that you never have to sacrifice price, quality or comfort for style. It is a representation and celebration of what New York City is all about and how it should be remembered: Diverse, Dynamic, Spontaneous and most of all, Inclusive.

As we continue to provide you with a curated selection of new silhouettes and designs every month, we hope to create an emotional response and a fresh point of view. We hope to become the outlet that allows you to continuously express your individuality. We hope to spark your thirst for discovery and we hope that you share these with us, wherever you may be. We hope to be your everyday choice. We hope to be a part of your Daily Schedule.